Ray Strife Tour Kick Off Show

Mill Hill Basement, 300 S. Broad St., Trenton, NJ 08608

Raymond Strife Who Raps and LtHead Trip and the Karma Kids are doing an East Coast/ Down South/ Mid-West Tour and this is the Kick Off!

This is also going to be the physical record release for Raymond Strife Who Raps and Darnell Ill-Omega Storey's Preface: I Will Never Be Beautiful! Out on No Less Records. The physical copy will feature two songs not on the digital Release!

The roster so far:

JE DOUBLE F - AC punk who raps. AMERICAN SCREAM RECORDS. DKFG. http://www.jedoublef.com/

Aayu - PA Hardcore dude who raps and plays his sampler like a boss. http://aayu.stereokiller.com/

LtHead Trip - NYC dude who raps and jumps around with his shirt off. New album out. Karma Kids. http://wearethekarmakids.com/

Me Raymond Strife Who Raps - New EP out with Darnell Ill-Omega Storey. DKFG Cap City Entertainment https://youtu.be/qdp2FEnEoBk

Caleb Ray Walker - Eccentric man, unique music. Crack Filler. Moron Girls.

Honah Lee - Trenton's favorite sons. Powerful pop. https://honahleemusic.com/

8PM - $6 - 21+