"They kind of sound like a mix between The Replacements and The Pixies."
--Matt Cord, 93.3 WMMR

"Honah Lee exists in a void -- they are too fast and loud to be tossed wholly underneath the rock umbrella, but they don't exactly exude the patented, punk attitude. Hoh Jr. likes to think they have found a "sweet spot" that simply produces fast, catchy rock or punk songs -- whichever fans choose to call it. 

On "33 on 45" the band taps a mix of driving alt-rock and throwback pop-punk riffs, not far off from fellow rollicking Jerseyans The Bouncing Souls."
--Bobby Oliver,  NJ.com
"Honah Lee has kept the video production of its upcoming album '33 on 45' DIY style, and put its drummer to work. Tony Goggles has been the director, editor and driving creative force behind the monthly music video releases.[...] Goggles' light humor is matched by the rest of the band’s, which translates heavily into its music videos, along with their collective motto to 'put the fun back in rock and roll.'"

--Brianna Spause, The Temple News

"It was during one of pop-punk band Honah Lee's darkest years of struggle and adversity -- when giving up and giving in was at its highest peak -- that they created the track "The Inevitable" […]

--Melissa WebsterThe Huffington Post

"Expect to hear a lot of buzz about Honah Lee in the next year."

--Melissa Webster, The Huffington Post

"Songs get stuck in your head with nicely placed melodies and 'oh ho ho' vocables that make the record such a return listen. The lyrics are great here too. Lots of singing about beer, parties and mid-20s life. [...] I can only imagine a room full of sweaty punks screaming along."

--Lansing Music Examiner's review of Life Won't Let Me

"It's always refreshing when you're asked by your colleague to get off your ass and review an album, and then you turn said album on and you realize it's fucking excellent and this review is going to write itself. That's the case with the new album Life Won't Let Me by Honah Lee from New Jersey. It's fucking awesome."

--Idle and the Bear's review of Life Won't Let Me

"...Honah Lee sounds just like…ummm… Honah Lee! Yeah, I know there are comparisons like The Bouncing Souls, Replacements, and Against Me!, but their music is strictly ORIGINAL! [...] The band is very capable of enormous strength and depth in their writing and performing, spinning off heartfelt rave-ups, as well as trenchant social satire, and political commentary. [...] Urgent and rough-edged punk rock, their execution is first-rate.

--Jersey Beat's review of Life Won't Let Me

"This album - titled Life Won't Let Me bounces between guitar-full rock n roll to almost NOFX like hyper punk rock, and even losing itself to more crunchy 90's style rock... almost as much as it switches from emotional-driven lyrics to talking about Bobby being dead in that teasing chorus. And magically (where's Puff?) I LOVE EVERY ITTY BIT OF IT. And what's this I hear.... strings? Softy, but about 80% surely... at the end of 'Come On, Let's Go.' Wowza! String-boner, ignite! [...] From first to last, especially the last, this album is one solid piece of gold shit."

--Music She Blogged's review of Life Won't Let Me

"Their riffs blend big noise feedback of indie noiserockers like The Pixies [and] The Replacements. Their vocals are the slightly out of key scream singing approach resembling Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong or head Foo Fighter Dave Grohl. So what if they can’t really sing, they’re good enough and they have high enough energy and catchy enough songs that after a few listens, you might be singing along too; I was."

--Cracked! Music Blog

"Honah Lee has the rare ability to succeed in the confined space of three minutes and distorted guitars along with melodies that will get stuck in your head for days on end."

--Lansing Local Music Examiner

"If I still had my meaningless job at that publishing company, I would have blasted 'I Hate My Job' each and every day on my way to work. The song is almost a rallying anthem in which the masses can unite, but ultimately as Tim shouts 'You gotta do it if you wanna get paid.'”

--The Real Musician

September 2010 Honah Lee show at 58 Gallery in Jersey City, NJ ends with police presence, show shutdown and various violation tickets.

--Jersey City Independent

"Cross-dressing with smeared makeup and markered-up from head to toe in tawdry, faux tattoos, Halloween arrived three months early for the city wild bunch the last time On The Beat caught them at the Mill Hill Basement. It was a crazy scene, as they’re a crazy band — that we’re hoping will save this scene someday."

--The Trentonian

"They’ve got a lot of Weezer in their sound and they’ve got great stage presence."

--The Signal